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Dear Pamela Cox,

I actually really enjoy your Malory Towers continuations! However, a small peeve:

When a fairly major plot point in "Secrets at Malory Towers" is Felicity's discovery of a lost locket with the initials JJ, which doesn't seem to be belong to any girl in the school... It might be an idea for Felicity to ask June Johns if it belongs to her! It's particularly noticeable since June is actually mentioned as one of the people who's recently been in the study where it was found.

(Also, in Enid Blyton's canon, Felicity Rivers is 8 years older than Daphne Hope - so how can they be at school during the same period? Even if Felicity is in the Sixth form and Daphne in the 1st, it doesn't really add up...)

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It's a new month, so it's time for a new book over at my blog. This time, we're going through Divergent by Veronica Roth.

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That Gay Prom Arc

In May, Tom Batiuk (the creator of Funky Winkerbean) decided to touch on the subject of gay teens and do his own spin on gay couples at proms in his comic. It even got a big push about a month or two in advance. Now this would be a noble goal if Batiuk didn't turn it into a self-congratulating work than really caring about the subject.

The basic plot is that a gay male couple want to go to prom where the mother of one of the teachers throws a hissy-fit and starts a protest to ban the couple. That's when the principal makes a speech, the old woman is put in her place by her hen-pecked husband, the principal is congratulated by another gay teen for what he did for kids like him/her and in the end, he and his wife are made prom king and queen. Now for the problems...

-The gay couple are only seen for a few strips, not given names, we don't know how they feel about the protest since we never seen them again and they don't even appear at the prom. Hell, they never been mentioned or seen again since.

-Everything is solved by the principal with no problem (other than the woman being put in her place) who I'm guessing is Batiuk's mouthpiece.

-The thankful gay teen he meet with is covered up by prom props (except for his/her hand) because he/she "is too scared to come out yet." This is also never mentioned again.

-As said before, the students make the principal and his wife prom king and queen. I know making the gay couple would be cliche though.

Overall, Batiuk seems like he wants to be hailed as a daring writer, but doesn't have the guts and is too in love with himself to pull it off properly.

You do know Earth tilts, right?

(I always seem to be a little late to the party with my fandoms...)

So, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The water tribes live at the North and South Poles. You know what that means? It means they're above or below their world's arctic circle, where day and night take an entire year to cycle. Sokka even talks about "midnight sun madness" in an early episode.

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Seriously, what gives?

ETA: Or I don't know what I'm talking about... *sigh* Sorry!
Wadanohara :: Rise of a New Empire

Being a critic is suffering.

Dear Puella Magi Madoka Magica,

I like you. A lot. Your plot is awesome and I love some of the ideas you came up with. Alas, your characterization (maybe it's better in the PSP portable, but I don't know) and relationships could use some work. Let's discuss a few of the characters in particular, mainly Hitomi Shizuki.

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